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Scarborough Treasure Hunt (Easy - 11 miles)

This route is not designed by us but is one of many popular treasure hunts published by Treasure Trails.  The trail is available to purchase from us for £6.99.  Alternatively, you can obtain the trail (as well as a range of others they publish) from local tourist information centres or directly from their website -

The clues are all set on permanent features such as gravestones, signposts, information boards, memorials, drain covers, post boxes etc. The answer to each clue will be a name, word, date, number etc. The answer to each clue eliminates a location on a fictional treasure map.  When you have completed the Trail you should be left with only one place; the location of the fictional hidden treasure! And by this time you have had a good cycle, lots of fun, and learnt about the local history too.

The trail starts in Scarborough at the start of the Cinder Track, behind Sainsbury's and follows the disused railway to Ravenscar.  The trail itself is 11 miles in total and will take approximately 3 hours.  However, unless you can arrange to be collected from Ravenscar, you will need to cycle back the same way as there is only a limited bus service between Ravenscar and Scarborough.  You can get to Scarborough from Filey and Hunmanby by train with the trail only a short ride from Scarborough train station.  The route includes paved, gravel and occasional rocky cycle path with a few short sections on quiet roads.  It is on a slight incline and, due to some uneven sections, very young riders or those on road bikes may find parts heavy going.