Cycle Hire, Repairs & Accessories

Our shop, conveniently located in Filey Town Centre, provides cycle hire, repairs & accessories to visitors and residents


Service Types

A (Advanced) SERVICE - £65                                                        B (Basic) SERVICE - £28                                              

(+ £10 for hydraulic brakes)  

Brakes inspected, cleaned and adjusted                                         Frame inspected

Brake cables replaced/Hydraulics bled                                           Head set inspected & adjusted

Transmission inspected                                                                 Bottom bracket inspected 

Gears inspected and adjusted                                                        Transmission inspected

Gear cables replaced                                                                    Gears inspected & adjusted

Degreasing of cassette, chain, chain rings and pulley wheels              Brakes inspected & adjusted

Head set inspected and re-greased                                                 Chain cleaned and lubricated

Bottom bracket inspected and re-greased                                         Pedals inspected

Pedals inspected                                                                           Hubs inspected

Hubs inspected and re-greased                                                       Wheels inspected

Wheels inspected and trued                                                            Fork/rear shock inspection

Frame inspected, degreased and polished                                         Bolt torque check



Free collection/delivery service within 5 miles of Filey Town Centre (9.00am - 10.00am and 4.00pm - 6.00pm)